Bamboo Eco-Hotel

A space designed to challenge perspectives on our built environment; the first bamboo project of its kind in Sri Lanka. This is slow, conscious living for the future.

Tourism for Good

A destination you can feel good about.
We aim to deliver an ecologically and socially-minded experience for the insightful traveller.

Sustainable Practices

Principles of sustainability guide every decision we make here at UNA; from our environmental, cultural and socio-economic impact to management practices. Conscious, circular systems, diversity and inclusion, homegrown and organic, go-local – these are just some of the formulas we are invested in.


Providing an inclusive platform to showcase the best of local culture and putting our community front stage. Working from within our locality we aim to provide access to all the benefits of sustainable tourism, as well as access to the international practitioners leading the charge in green thinking for the future.

Built from Nature

By choosing to design with some of the world’s most sustainable building materials; bamboo, clay, grass, we have the power to generate positive changes in our built environment. Taking inspiration from the vernacular we can showcase the potential for sustainable dwellings of the future.

Biophilic Design

Guests of UNA will be immersed in the lush tropical environment of Sri Lanka from the comfort of architecturally designed, biophilic spaces inspired by the biology of nature itself. We teamed up with award-winning design firm Nomadic Resorts to create a design that will evoke a deep sense of well-being in nature.

“Making the microcosmos accessible to humans where the buildings are composed of giant cells clustered functionally together.”

Upon completion our fruit-filled, jungle plot of land will comprise of six naturally ventilated, en-suite bamboo villas, with accents of clay and grass, overlooking the rice paddy.

A large bamboo hall with rammed earth flooring and a central courtyard will house a lounge, bar, and restaurant serving food and beverages harvested directly from our permaculture homegarden.

A multifunctional bamboo pavilion will host resident artists, or long term guests working from home, and a range of workshops focused on nature-led design and sustainability.

A small, secluded yoga shala will be located nestled amongst the rice paddies; a space to contemplate, regenerate and get inspired.

With a pool planted within the curves of the land to complete the experience, UNA is our vision of barefoot living in nature.

With Bamboo at the Heart

UNA is Sinhala for bamboo, and it is truly at the heart of our dream project in Sri Lanka. Our days begin and end with UNA! Here’s why:

Today 11% of global CO2 emissions come from the manufacturing of building materials, the transportation of those materials, and the construction process itself.

Now more than ever there is a demand for more sustainable building materials as biologists and designers research such products as bioplastics derived from kombucha scobies, or bricks made of hemp and even mushrooms.


An extraordinarily strong, lightweight material which has been in use in parts of the world for centuries, a material which has a high carbon fixing capacity, is capable of rapid growth, and is highly renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. The ultimate super grass!

We have learned that working with bamboo requires an understanding of its habitat. Sri Lanka has provided us with the perfect opportunity to completely immerse ourselves in every aspect of this plant, working alongside the people who are developing the industry. We’re all learning together, and building a community as we go!

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    The Team


    Julien is our Director, bringing with him many years of experience in business management and digital marketing. He is passionate about travel and sustainability having visited more than 30 countries in his life. He is our resident adrenaline junky, and when he’s not out in the surf you can find him in his tuk-tuk searching the coast for new waves!


    Aoife (pronounced ee-fa) is our Creative Director, responsible for all things design, branding and communication-related. She has a keen eye for detail, using skills honed throughout her career in the creative industries. A spirited traveler and passionate art and music lover, Aoife can be found with a camera in hand on most days, music rolling!

    Friends of UNA

    Nomadic Resorts

    We’re still pinching ourselves about this collaboration! Known for organic structures that seamlessly integrate with their surrounding environment, and a holistic approach to design, multi award winning design firm Nomadic Resorts were the natural choice for the design of our biophilic, bamboo concept.

    Bamboo U

    BambooU, a collaborative teaching program from IBUKU and KulKul Farm in Bali, was instrumental in our journey into the world of bamboo. Through their supportive and diverse global community we have gained access to leading innovators in sustainable bamboo forestry and harvesting, and design and construction.

    Cantieri Creativi

    Born from the passion of Ludovica Vando and Simone Teso for the living space, Cantieri Creativi generates intimate and personal atmospheres and an invitation for 'slow' living. In collaboration with UNA they are set to bring their knowledge in clay, cocciopesto, and superadobe techniques to Sri Lanka in 2021.

    Dowell Creations

    Mr. Fernando is the proprietor of the first dedicated bamboo processing factory in Sri Lanka, where he is producing laminated bamboo flooring, amongst many other ingenious products. He is our man on the ground, our bamboo hunter, and the most passionate and knowledgeable pioneer of the material that we have met in Sri Lanka to date.

    Permaculture Network Sri Lanka

    Asanga from Permaculture Network Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka's very own permaculture legend! With his help we have been testing our soil, determining the most suitable plants and crops, and maximising the potential at every strata of the land to create the most diverse design possible for our permaculture homegarden, and garden to table restaurant.

    Lankaboo and UNIDO

    Lankaboo is a non-profit organisation sponsored by UNIDO, set up to develop a bamboo supply chain in Sri Lanka. They were an invaluable source of information in the early days of our search for bamboo in the country, helping us to connect the dots and the people who are invested in developing the industry here.

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