sri lanka's first

bamboo eco hotel

UNA is an eco-hotel concept designed to challenge perspectives on our built environment; the first bamboo project of its kind in Sri Lanka.

This is slow, conscious living for the future.

Be part of the bamboo movement.


ahangama 80650, Sri Lanka

The masterplan

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"hotels are laboratories for testing new ways of living"

bamboo stories

for good

A tourism destination you can feel good about. We aim to deliver an ecologically and socially minded experience for the insightful traveller.

Sustainable Tourism

Principles of sustainability guide every decision we make at UNA; from our environmental impact, to our cultural and socio-economic benefits. Conscious, circular systems, diversity and inclusion, homegrown and organic, go-local – these are just some of the movements we are invested wholeheartedly in.

built from nature

By choosing to design our eco-hotel with some of the world’s most sustainable building materials; bamboo, clay, and grass, we have the power to generate positive changes in our built environment. Taking inspiration from the vernacular to showcase the potential for sustainable dwellings of the future.

biophilic design

Guests will be immersed in the lush tropical environment of Sri Lanka from the comfort of architecturally designed, biophilic spaces inspired by the biology of nature itself. We teamed up with award-winning design firm Nomadic Resorts to create a design that will evoke a deep sense of well-being in nature.


Providing an inclusive platform to showcase the best of local culture, putting our community front stage. Working within the local community we aim to provide access to all the benefits of sustainable tourism, as well as access to the international practitioners leading the charge in green thinking.

“In search of ethics, solidarity and authenticity. new tourism players are marking out the field and reinventing our dreams of elsewhere” - Valerie Sasportas, Madame Figaro

local innovation

UNA is Sinhala for bamboo, the majestic grass at the heart of our dream project in Sri Lanka.

With 11% of global CO2 emissions coming from a significant section of the construction industry; now more than ever there is high demand for sustainable building materials.

Enter bamboo; a super strong and lightweight material which has a high carbon fixing capacity, is capable of rapid growth, and is highly renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Best of all, bamboo is a locally available resource on the island of Sri Lanka.

With firm industry connections, we’ve spent the last 2.5 years developing a fair, sustainable and transparent bamboo supply chain with the aim of igniting the bamboo real estate movement on the island for the first time.



the una team

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